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Manual Emergency Fire Alarm Button BS-536

Conventional Call Points with Test-Reset Key

Olympia Electronics
Fabricante : Olympia Electronics
Número de Pieza : BS-536
Barcode : 5205327000039
Disponibilidad : Disponible

This is an emergency fire alarm button. Use this button to manually activate the alarm system at the sight of fire. It is essential for it to exist in cooperation with other detectors. Using it is very simple. All you have to do is push the see-through plastic cover and the button automatically activates the alarm system. In this case the see-through plastic cover does not brake but it can be reset to it`s original position with the special plastic key which is included. This way you can test a specific call point and maintenance the fire detection panel as well. It is used as a signal to evacuate the building in case of fire. In every fire detection system it is essential that you place one button besides the control panel and the rest mainly in corridors and exits of the building

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